The ‘Funk’

How to recognize it, and how to get out! 

I recently got out of my funk. It feels weird because I didn’t really realize I was in one until I got out. And man, being out, feels AMAZING!! I am positive, energized, and full of productivity, and what’s more important I am enjoying almost every waking minute.  

Funks can hit all of us. It could be caused by some big event in our lives, could be a rejection, could be the season changing, could be a state of ‘give-up’ due to illness. Ultimately, it is common enough to make an impact. An impact on us at work, at home, on the ones we surround ourselves with. And I am sad to report the impact is not really a great one. Funks are full of hopelessness, lack of energy, and minimal enjoyment – what about that sounds great???  

Are you in a Funk?  

How to recognize: 

  1. You are not happy when you wake up in the morning, and no, not because you are NOT a morning person (I am one of those), but because you dread having to face the day. You cannot think of anything great to get up for, nothing that brings a smile to your face, instead you may feel forced to get up due to obligations (kids, meetings, appointments) but you are definitely not excited about any of it. Instead, the day feels like an annoyance you wish could leave you alone. 
  2. If given the choice you would stay in bed for a good portion of your day (even with 5+ hours of sleep already). Mostly because you are feeling so low on energy. It actually feels like moving your arms take all your strength in the world.  
  3. Your energy levels are so low you feel like there must be something physically wrong with you. So you get checked out, but guess what – everything is fine. And you actually feel disappointed. Because now you are faced with the hard reality that it is your mind, your stress, your choices that are making you feel this way. It is you.  
  4. You are irritable. You are a stormy cloud walking around. You may not offend anyone in your travels because you are still polite and respectful, but you sure do not brighten anyone’s day.  
  5. You don’t find the same enjoyment in your favorite things. Do you have plans with your bestie or a fun colleague but can’t find excitement to get you pumped to get ready and go out to it? Lack of enjoyment in things is a big sign of a funk.  

So what can we do about it? 

  • Talk to your doctor (if you haven’t already) and ensure it is nothing else physical, he/she might have some new great methods to help too.  
  • Start a gratitude journal or start noticing the things in life you are grateful for, and do it often. Being thankful and grateful are positive emotions and make you realize what you have (not what you don’t have) 
  • Start a new hobby and the more joy it sparks the better! 
  • Get enough rest. I didn’t think I needed much rest but what a difference going to bed earlier has done for my whole well-being. I am now typically in bed for 10pm or earlier and rest by reading before going to sleep.  
  • Be silly! Find the silly, find all of it. Laughter is hard to come by when you are in a funk, so the more you can find the better it will be for you. Dance! Jiggle your wiggles! Oogie your boogies! Just let go and have fun with it.  
  • Limit your intake of garbage. This includes junk food, processed food, sugary foods/drinks and alcohol. If it doesn’t contribute to your well-being it should be a treat every once in a while, not a daily/nightly/weekly habit.  
  • Talk to others about it. Sometimes it is nice to know you are not alone, so many people are in funks right now. Tell your friends so they can be there for you, and listen to them explain their techniques as maybe it is something that resonates with you more than this list.  
  • Forgive yourself. This is not a forever thing, this is a right now, temporary situation. Be strong and brave and get through it – be a survivor, not a victim.  
  • Exercise with your whole body, mind and spirit. There is a whole science behind how exercise releases these great endorphins that increase happiness, immunity, strength and general well-being. Trust it and do a Pilates work out in the living room.  
  • Don’t give up. If any of these suggestions don’t work for you, keep trying others. You will know when you have found something that makes you smile from the inside out, and when you do, you know the whole journey was worth it.  

Funks are a way our body can tell us we are not aligning with our desired selves. Maybe that means we are not doing enough to fill all our cups, maybe that means we are misaligned with our core values somewhere in our life. The first step is to recognize we are in a funk, do steps to get out to a non-emotional state and then assess. Assess where we could make some changes to positively impact our next chapter.  

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