Stop dreaming small

The world is your oyster. You can have it all. So many things we say to each other to inspire to shoot for the stars. I may not think we can have it all, but I do think we can have a very large piece of our imaginative pie. I think in order to obtain said delicious pie, you need to stop dreaming small. Instead of dreaming about being your own boss, dream about being THE BOSS leading your successful business and your own team. Level up your dream by thinking a bit bigger.

Your dreams are yours and yours alone, and because of that you make them whatever you choose. I want to inspire you today to take it up a notch, and to look yourself in the mirror and say “why not?”. At the end of our dreams we eventually wake up, and we have the choice to wake up fully with the dream as an inspiration, or a far off fairly tale waiting for some picture perfect actor/actress to play. This could be you right now! Real life person, flaws and all (no need for picture perfect), right NOW. 

Take your dream and start making an action plan to carry it out. A trick I use is to draw a timeline with a start date and end date. I choose today as my start and an end date that has something big I want to achieve. Then I fill in what has to happen and by when to achieve the end goal. It is a visual way to build a plan and also allows you to see if it is achievable, or if you have to outsource some of the action items or move out your end date. Be real with yourself, but also make sure it challenges you. Also, I think most importantly, make sure it excites you. Makes you get a little tingly looking at it, like “Yes! This is what I am going to do, and it is going to be awesome!”

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